LightForce™ 3D-Printed Custom Braces

adult wearing lightforce 3d custom braces

With LightForce, you can achieve your stunning new smile in the shortest amount of time - with fewer visits to our office and less discomfort.

Dr. Bolin and our team are proud to be the only orthodontist in Wilton offering highly-advanced, 3D-printed custom LightForce braces!

The World’s First 3D-Printed Braces

With LightForce technology, each bracket is custom-designed for each individual tooth. Unlike traditional brackets, custom 3D-printed brackets are molded to the unique curves and dips of your teeth’s surfaces.

LightForce braces are digitally pre-programmed to move each individual tooth, according to the treatment plan Dr. Bolin creates. This fully-digital design enables Dr. Bolin to make precise adjustments directly on your 3D model, and see a simulation of the end results in real-time.

With a perfect fit and highly-accurate 3D treatment planning, LightForce braces allow for maximum efficiency in tooth movement.

Reduce treatment time by 40%

Based on data published by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, LightForce cases have proven to finish up to 40% faster than traditional braces!

The average treatment time with traditional braces is about 18 months, while a full treatment of LightForce can be completed in about 9 months. (Please know, treatment time will vary from person to person, depending on the severity of your condition.)

We’re always looking to integrate the latest technologies and techniques to bring you and your family the best possible experience.

Cost of LightForce Braces

The cost of braces treatment will be calculated based on the length of your treatment and the severity of your condition. We offer 0%-interest in-house financing for our patients, with a pay-in-full discount and a family member discount.

On your first visit to our Wilton orthodontist office, we’ll discuss your needs to work out a custom financing plan that makes your stunning LightForce smile possible!

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