Removable Appliance

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Removable Functional Appliances

Removable functional appliances are used in adolescent patients when the bone tissues of the jaws are in a ‘plastic’ or malleable state and therefore respond quickly to mild pressures placed upon them. The custom made functional appliance will ‘open’ a closed overbite thereby relieving pressures of the lower front teeth on the palatal tissues. When the bite is opened the lower jaw can reposition itself and therefore normalize its forward growth pattern. In addition, removable appliances are effective in retracting protrusive front teeth protecting them from accidental injury (falls, sports). As an added bonus, harmful habits such as finger sucking and tongue thrusting are usually discontinued when a removable appliance is worn.

  • Beneficial for adolescent patients
  • Relieves pressure in upper jaw
  • Normalizes growth patterns


It is our goal to make treatment affordable by offering several payment plans that work with your individual financial needs. Our financial manager will discuss your treatment plan which will include a breakdown of all fees before treatment is started. We offer a variety of payment options, including paid in full discounts and in-house no fee payment plans. We accept all major credit cards.


Many dental insurance plans have a lifetime orthodontic benefit. We will provide you with the paperwork insurance needs from our office so you can file for your reimbursement from your insurance company or FSA/HSA plan. Be assured that our fees are competitive with those of your in-network orthodontists.

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